Did you tell a joke? No? It doesn't matter. Ashton is always smiling. Bright-eyed, energetic, and full of positivity, our studio wouldn't be the same without our former greenhorn turned editor-pro extraordinaire, Ashton. 

Originally entering Clemson University as a Biomedical Engineering student (I know, right?), Ashton quickly learned that what she wanted to do in life, was something she had always been doing—being creative. Knowing little about the video world, but with a passion and determination to pursue her calling, she changed majors and found herself at LPS asking for an internship. Chris immediately noticed a keen eye for details and a natural ability to listen and discover the underlying story in every edit. 

When not editing, you'll find Ashton singing duets with her sister, or singing around the campfire with her music family. A regular Von Trapp legacy, we're hoping for those campfire songs to become a debut album. If it's not singing, it's kayaking, climbing, and even spelunking. Yes, you read that right. Spelunking.