Saturday Morning Cartoons

Remember the days before the internet, or the dial-up AOL craze of the 90’s? Back then, TV and movie theaters were the only places to watch videos and you didn’t have a computer in your pocket with an HD screen!

If you wanted to market a toy or product to kids through video, you had limited options. Have it play on certain TV channels like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon and hope kids don’t run and go grab snacks during the commercial breaks. It was a shotgun approach to targeting. Make a NERF video that shows teenage kids being awesome and have it run during Power Rangers. That was it. 

Fast forward to 2017, and we can now target a product video to a 26 year-old male living within a square mile of a Planet Fitness who already “likes” certain protein shakes. Not only can we target him, we can hit him. Plus, everyone has a portable TV screen in their pocket! And even better: they can’t peel their eyes away from it. Actually, I don’t know if that’s “better”. But it’s certainly true. 


There are a ridiculous number of “channels” these days, they just don't go by traditional names: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. And advertising on them can be completely free! If you have a budget, they can go much farther than TV and you can take much better aim at your desired audience. 

Here’s an example of the power of targeting. One of our clients, Mark Minard, had us include a pic of him with a famous author in one of his book promos. He then targeted all the people on Facebook who “like” that author, then spent $40 bucks to push his book promo video out to those fans. He got over 400K views and thousands of positive reactions. Oh—and some book sales, too. :)

Almost every video we create now ends up on social media channels. And with so many channels, we’re finding that brands and agencies are looking for more content on a consistent basis.  

Why make one video when you can turn it into a series of five videos to spread out over a few months of posting, plus take some photos to go along with the campaign and hype it up a bit? That sounds a lot like, “Hire us to make five videos and take pictures!” But let’s face it, you or your clients need the content for social media channels. Or at the very least, you *want* it—especially in a 2017 world with targeting better than the NERF commercials of Saturday morning. The return on investment is too great to ignore.


And here's that awesome Nerf Commercial for you to enjoy :)

Chris Brank