Coldwell Banker Caine Market Update

When Coldwell Banker Caine came to us and said, “We’d like to shoot a monthly market update to throw out on social!” we decided that an interview style set up against a green screen would be the best answer. It would provide consistent results and it was easy for the client to fine tune and tweak. So here’s how we pulled it off!

In our studio, we have a 20'x12' foot green screen that is ideal for shooting big groups of people or small cars, etc. Placing the talent against the screen gives us the ability to choose any background we want. We were also able to use our teleprompter to facilitate the process using scripts provided by the client. Being a real estate company, they wanted their backgrounds to be very easily recognizable areas around Greenville. So we shot some “plates” (fancy word for background) of iconic areas in our city.


CBC June Market Update 3.jpg


The next step was to place the talent in front of the green screen and record the dialogue. We used lights to not only make the scene look natural, but very flattering to the subject as well. In addition, the rest of the Coldwell team could watch the shoot from our comfy, client living room—allowing them to view the person on camera, and make important suggestions along the way.

If your company has lots of important information to relay internally or put in front of the public on a regular basis, shooting against a green screen is an easy way to deliver your vision. If you’re interested in learning more about the process or how your company could utilize our space, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at!

Chris Brank