Doodle Alliance Shoot

Doodle Alliance is an amazing organization for an incredible cause. They are a dog adoption organization that specializes in all types of “doodles” from goldendoodles and labradoodles to Cavoodles and sheepadoodles. Not only does Doodle Alliance make sure that the dogs are kept in a clean, safe and friendly environment, they also go above and beyond by giving 25% of their profits to, the Greenville based non-profit organization, Set Free Alliance. Set Free Alliance is dedicated to rescuing children in India from lives of slavery in rock quarries.

We love any opportunity we get to help our clients showcase what their doing, so for Doodle Alliance we used our new space in a lot of creative ways to make their project come to life!

Doodle Alliance needed a space to shoot the interview portion of their video, away from all of the barking little Doodles in their own space, but also large enough for a few little doodles and two interviewees. To meet these needs, we were able to create a full room with three walls to give us a large space to work in with enough depth to get a nice, shallow image and controlled enough to keep in all the puppies. We also had space outside of the set to use our 8' dana dolly. The dana dolly gave us a nice smooth movement into the set, that takes the viewer into the room and gives them the feeling that they’re right there with the person on screen.

Since we built the set from the ground up, we were able to make it bright and vibrant to match the mood of the project. We filled the shelf in the background with greenery and bright photos.  We were also able to shine a bright light through a window to simulate morning light streaming into the room.

All of this control over the space allowed us to get a clean image in a controlled environment with no worries of interruption from sound, foot traffic or changing light. The talent was able to feel comfortable in a space that was designed just for them.

If you need a video either in your own space or in our space, just contact us to get the process started! We’d love to work with you to Let People See the awesome things you're doing!

Chris Brank