RIDGID® Tools Shoot

We were recently tasked with shooting product pieces for Torq Creative and RIDGID® Tools. This shoot had many unique challenges that we had to overcome, but we had the space and the tools to get the job done! They wanted their tools highlighted in a “job site” like environment—which meant we needed to bring in a full stud wall, an MDF floor, and functioning outlets to power the tools. 

This shoot was a little different than a lot of what we do in our studio. This project required multiple overhead shots with various camera moves. Since all of the tools varied greatly in shape and size, we also had to have easy access to our lights so we could move them quickly between product resets. Since we needed extra height for our jib, and we didn’t need use of our lighting grid on this project, we had the set builders construct the set in our full height space out from underneath the grid so we had plenty of room to work.

Ridgid Tools Set Design

We used a lot of hard directional light as our primary sources to replicate harsh sunlight streaming in through a window, or an open ceiling on a job site. We also used a lot of our Quasar T8 bulbs to supplement and fill out the shots when we needed to highlight a logo or a certain tool’s function. To get the overhead shots, we used a 12' Kessler crane. This gave us the ability to easily reset as needed to accommodate all of the different tools as they moved on and off of the set.

This project also had a large team from Torq Creative in house behind the scenes. We wanted to make sure it was easy for the client to see all the action, so we set up a full video village complete with a 55” and a 65” monitor and plenty of space for craft services and an area set aside for producers.

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Chris Brank