How Much Does a Two-Minute Video Cost?


How much does a 2-minute video cost? Well, think of it this way: how much does a house for a family of 4 cost?

If you’ve ever bought a house before, you’re already thinking of how complicated that question can be. Is it a lower-priced mobile home, a mid-range house in the suburbs, or a custom condo in New York? The biggest factors in real estate are often location and the amount of customization.

  • Is the exterior of the home made of brick, wood, vinyl-siding, or hand-selected stones from the riverbanks of the Colorado river?  

  • Are the floors made vinyl, carpet, tile, or hand-carved mahogany?  

  • How much will you spend on fixtures and appliances? Do you want a basic refrigerator or one with a TV screen and Amazon Alexa as well?

The list could go on and on, but it’s easy to see that size doesn’t always correlate to cost.


Those same concepts apply to video production. That’s why with every quote, we provide you with tiers: Value, Suggested, and Premium. Here’s some ways we differentiate between the tiers:

  • How much pre-production (logistics, scripting, etc) or creative direction is provided 

  • The crew size and gear (for more info, check out our post on crew sizes and gear)

  • Amount of time crew is on-location

  • Number of deliverables

  • Scope and time for post-production processes such as editing, coloring, sound design, etc.

We customize Value, Suggested, and Premium options specifically for your needs and situation. Does that mean we change our rate depending on if we think you have money or not? No way. Our rates are simply based on the amount of employees needed and their time.

A highlight video from a local event could be created from one day of filming with a 2-person crew and might cost $1,500 - $3,000 with some basic editing.

A brand video with interviews and b-roll footage about a large company with several locations across the Southeast might take a larger crew and several days of filming, and the cost could be $15-$20K+ depending on travel needs.

The final videos could each be two minutes long, but what’s needed to capture and edit the video content is drastically different.

We’re proud to be able to meet a wide variety of client needs–from small, run-and-gun crews and basic edits to large crews with premium gear and in-depth post-production processes. 

Interested in talking more about your project idea? Drop us a line for a quote. You can also learn more about our pricing structure here.

Andrew Meloche