Motion Graphic Options for Your Video Project


Your company’s visual brand (logo, style, color, font) is incredibly important and carries value, also known as brand equity. It tells a story about who you are and how your audience connects with you. Our team at Let People See understands that importance, and we want to showcase who you are through your brand!

One of the ways we’re able to represent your brand in video is through motion graphics. We like to call it the icing on the cake—especially if your cake is the awesome video footage of the amazing things you’re doing! We use motion graphics by taking your brand elements and creatively animating them in your video content. Some examples of how we do this are lower thirds, on-screen text, icon graphics, title slides, and logo reveals.

  • Lower Thirds: Text that helps identify who the speaker is. We will want to use your brand color(s) and font(s) in lower thirds to tie into your unique visual brand.

  • On-Screen Graphics (Supers): These are elements that would show up over top of the video footage, like icons or large, bold text.

  • Title Slides: Text title slides can help serve as intro titles to your video, highlight important words or phrases, or break the video into sections.

  • Logo Reveal or Animation: How we bring logos on screen—often through a transition or animation.

Our goal when creating these elements is to be creative, on-brand, and aware of your needs. We want to find the perfect compliment to the amazing footage that our team can capture. We understand that some videos may need more motion graphic elements than others, and that’s why we have different options for how we can take your video to the next level.

Examples of lower thirds and logo reveals

Lower Thirds and Logo Reveals

Basic graphics are a great fit when you need minor motion graphic elements added to your video. Our editors will pull from a library of pre-made styles for lower thirds and titles to select one that works best for your project.

Also, we want to make sure your logo gets seen. For the basic option, our editors will select a built-in transition that will act as a logo reveal. The transitions selected will be more simple in nature but will still make your logo stand out. We will typically put a logo at the very end of the video, but placement can be adjusted for what works best for the flow of the video.

Examples of animated icons, text, and logos.

Animated Icons, Text, and Logos

These options are the way to go when you need a little more “pizazz”...not to be confused with pizza...although pizza does always makes things better. Let us know if you want pizza instead of graphics.

These options will incorporate more animation than the basic option. Adding in more text elements helps to add energy and clarity, driving your message home. In addition to lower thirds and logo reveals, these options might include animated title slides to highlight important words, phrases, or statistics. We can also add in on-screen graphics to highlight photos or graphics that you already have and would like to be creatively shown.

While our editors will still be pulling from a library of motion graphic elements, the animations will be more complex and we can add in a higher quantity of elements. The added complexity will require our editors to spend more time fine-tuning the look and timing of the animation so that they work seamlessly with the video footage.

Custom and Full Animation Examples

Custom Options and Full Animations

These options are perfect for when you need custom animations to achieve a specific look. It’s also great for when you want your video to be driven by animated text to tell your story.

We can even create custom templates that can be used across all of your videos for multi-video projects such as a training series.

Need a Video Fully Animated?

Full custom animation is usually custom created by designers, frame by frame. Just like any design, it’s highly subjective! So the first step is often design boards or style frames. These can range from $1.5K-3K depending on the complexity of the design, or one to two days of work by designers at our custom motion design and animation partner, Photoelectric. Check out some of Photoelectric’s work to see some fantastic design boards (our favorites are Streamia, Panthers, Green Textile, and Tick Free Summer).

Design style can widely vary depending on the project, and styles affect time which affects cost. We can usually give a good price range on full custom animation, but after design boards are complete we can give an accurate quote on how much time each style will take.

Let’s put something in motion.

We want to partner with you to find the perfect solution for your video and what will best represent your visual brand! Our incredible team of producers will guide you through these options and find what works best for you. So drop us a line and let’s see what we can put in motion for you!

Matt Heerschap