Video Production Crew and Gear Package Options


If you’re getting a quote from us, we’re most likely going to give you some options with crew sizes and gear. We want to help you create awesome video content by providing you with a wide range of options for all budgets.

Important note here: all of our video crews are LPS employees. Not contractors. It’s not a single camera operator trying to do it all, and it’s not a huge freelance crew with ultra-narrow roles and union fee headaches. We’ve created a great mix of crew sizes to meet your needs.

  • Our crews work together every day, so communication and collaboration is streamlined. Efficiency up to level 11.

  • Our crews are trained on our kits. This means “speed!” Set-ups and tear-downs are fast, especially compared to the production level we provide.

  • Our crews work on a massive variety of projects, and that’s a huge benefit to you. The experience we gain on shoots for Fortune 500 companies we bring to local non-profits and events, and the techniques we learn on smaller, more nimble shoots makes us more efficient on larger productions.

  • Fun fact: we stopped calling it a 3-“man” crew a few years ago because ridiculously awesome women started joining the team. We’re not a bunch of “video dudes”—half of the LPS staff are women!

3-person crew with full lighting kit and monitoring option.

3-person crew with full lighting kit and monitoring option.

We’ve run the numbers, and the majority of our shoots happen with a 3-person crew. This crew of 3 is a super nimble combination.

  • Each member can and will do anything: run a camera, set-up lights and audio, unpack cases, you name it.

  • A 3-person crew can handle our full lighting kit, making your interviews look absolutely stunning.

2-person crew with basic lighting kit.

2-person crew with basic lighting kit.

We also send out crews of 2—that might be two camera ops or it might be a single camera op with an assistant, depending on your project needs.

  • We optimize a 2-person crew for b-roll capture, such as events or corporate footage.

  • For smaller non-profits and businesses, we sometimes quote a 2-person crew with a basic light kit to capture great looking interviews.

5 person crew with full lighting kit and premium gear options: RED cinema camera package with wireless 19” monitor, 12’ crane, 8’ Dana Dolly, and 6’X6’ scrim.

5 person crew with full lighting kit and premium gear options: RED cinema camera package with wireless 19” monitor, 12’ crane, 8’ Dana Dolly, and 6’X6’ scrim.

And for our premium options, we’ll send out 4, 5, or sometimes more crew depending on the complexity of the shoot.

  • Those extra crew members could be producers or on-site editors (we often do overnight edits for events), or extra hands to set-up and tear-down quickly for interviews or general footage.

  • We also have premium gear options—anything from a RED camera and wireless monitor set-up (our most popular add-on so far) to 12-foot cranes, drones, and dollies. If you like gear, that’s awesome, because we’ve got a ton of cool toys.

RED Cinema Camera

RED Cinema Camera

19’ Wireless Monitor

19’ Wireless Monitor

Maybe you’re thinking: “I just need a dude with a camera.”

But what are you missing out on by hiring just a “videographer?” Turns out, you’re probably missing more than you know.

  • Shooting and editing are two incredibly different jobs! If you’re looking for a one-man-band freelancer, usually they’ll be best at either shooting or editing. There’s a chance you’re missing out on expertise in one of the major areas of production.

  • Another common problem: what happens after your shoot when your videos need to be edited but the freelancer or small production company has more shoots for other companies? This creates a huge backlog, and you or your company ends up at the back of the log.

  • At Let People See, you’ve got our producers and editors available to start the post-production process immediately after production wraps.

  • There’s also limits to a 15-20+ person crew. At some point, you start losing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the sake of Hollywood-sized productions. We’ve found a fantastic mix of crew sizes for you, without losing any of the Hollywood magic.

Contact us for a quote! We love giving our clients a variety of options, so let’s figure out what works best for you.

Chris Brank