Industrial Giant, SANY, Used Events to Create Branded Content

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Industrial Giant, SANY, Uses Events to Create Branded Content

If you see construction work in North America, you’ll likely notice brands like CAT, Komatsu, and Volvo, but another industrial giant has been taking ground. Started in China in the late 80’s by a few guys in a garage, SANY now has tens of thousands of employees worldwide and is an $8 billion company.  

Fast-forward to May 2019, SANY had upcoming events and needed a video partner.  Enter Let People See.  They brought their dealers to the North American headquarters in Peachtree City, GA for a 2-day event to tour their $60 million facility and operate equipment at their new demo site.  

Right away, there were a few key trends we look for to create fantastic content: 

  • Multiple groups of people in one place—dealers from around the continent, executives, and employees

  • The event took place over 2 days with several things happening inside and outside—a tour of the facility, equipment out and moving, a big announcement from the CEO

  • Video content captured had multiple purposes—brand awareness, promotional content, customer engagement

Not only did we get to interview the dealers, but we interviewed all levels of SANY employees.  From all the footage captured, we were able to create a ton of content including a brand overview, company highlights, and social media promos.

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There were months worth of content, all from one event, AND since all their footage is kept in-house at Let People See, we were able to quickly update videos as needed and repurpose footage for future content.

A few months later, SANY hosted an event for their end-user customers. Again, multiple people in one place at an event…notice a pattern?

We created a recap of the event in less than 24 hours for SANY to post on social media and several customer testimonials to be shared over the following months.  We used the b-roll from the previous event to go along with the testimonial content.  Again, videos from one event provided SANY with all sorts of different content that could be spread out over time!


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Andrew Meloche