chris freeland




On set, every minute is crucial to setting up the best shot. Chris moves behind-the-scenes like a ninja, masterfully placing everything from lights to extension cables into it's perfect place around the subject. Everything goes smoothly when Chris is on set. Along with his on-set role, Chris edits and is our resident comedian.

Chris is a Greenville local. He has always had an interest in being a filmmaker, spending more time behind-the-scenes rather than actually watching the films themselves. In his desire to write and be a part of creating films, he decided to go all-in by enrolling in an LA film school. For his internship with the program, he started working with Chris Brank, and as he says, "the rest is history." 

After work, Chris becomes a superhero. He collects comics, performs stand-up comedy acts, watches movies, writes great American novels, weight lifts professionally, does quintathalons, octatholons, and decathlons. He can eat pizza all day, every day, while listening to a looping playlist with Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and Pavement. He is in a word: epic.


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