david gaskin




Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done. A master with a camera, David is the mind and soul behind our camera work. As Director of Photography, he sees what others may miss—like the blade of grass that's taller than the rest or the speck of dust reflecting off your glasses. To others, his powers may seem super-human, to us, his powers are imperative. Whether prepping the crew and gear before a shoot or getting just the right lighting on set, David does it all to make you or whatever we're filming look really, really good.

From Fort Mill, SC, David started his film career at 12 years old with his parents’ camera. We've asked to see some of his early films, but he says they're all mysteriously missing. (We have our doubts.) After a stint in the music biz, he decided it was time to go all in with filmmaking, earning a degree in Film Production from North Greenville University and joining Let People See in 2013.

In his spare time, David loves pumping some iron and running with his wife, Ashton. (Did we mention that they met working here at Let People See? Bet you didn’t know we were also in the service of match-making, did ya?) When we're out on the road, he orders the same thing from a restaurant, every time—salmon. If he were watching a movie right now, it would simultaneously be Interstellar and Nacho Libre because life is about balance.