Meet Diana Holder—the thinker of the group. Her contemplative intuitiveness far exceeds that of the normal simpleton. Which isn't meant to infer that the rest of us are simpletons. But she likes to listen before she speaks. Seriously. And we've found this fact to be both curious and wonderfully refreshing. Needless to say, she's the brains to our braun and we're proud to welcome her to the Let People See family. 

From Spartanburg, SC, Diana has always been a lover of stories. As an avid reader, she found herself drawn to the narratives that stories create. She attended North Greenville University and earned a B.A. in Mass Communication, where she learned her true passion was in organizing, communicating and acting as liaison for other creatives to tell their stories.  

When not working with clients on their next big shoot, Diana enjoys being outdoors with her husband, her daughter Mae, and their two giant labradors. (The labs, she'll tell you, are definitely "hers".)  Whether frisbee, biking, or hiking...it doesn't matter. If it's outside, she's all in.