justin nix




Attention to lighting detail is a crucial part of the video world. If the lighting is wrong, the whole footage can be a bust. Lucky for us, lighting is Justin’s favorite part of video production. Shaping and moving the lighting to change the look of what’s in the frame is his expertise.

We can already tell you, there’s no bigger Seinfeld fan around than Justin. Would you believe us if we told you he has a tattoo in its honor? From just down the road in Spartanburg, Justin majored in Art and got his start in the video world through film photography, and then moved into videos when he later started shooting weddings. Justin helps his wife run the non-profit, For Frankie, where they wash clothes for the homeless. He’s a famous drummer and identifies most with George Costanza from Seinfeld- naturally. His ideal cup of coffee: Intelligentsia coffee- black, of course.