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Before being hired at Let People See, Matt Williamson spent many years on the client side. With that prior experience, and the fact that Matt is about as ambitious as they come, we knew that he would be the perfect fit to help launch our company into the Charlotte market. You know the expression, “it’s like talking to a brick wall”? Yeah, Matt is the exact opposite of that. His ambitious spirit and passion for delivering videos that clients are proud of (or sharing the Let People See ‘magic’ - as he calls it), is why we’re so excited to have him join the Charlotte office!

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Matt moved to Greenville to attend North Greenville University, graduating with a degree in accounting…which is very different from his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. If you ask him, he’d say he identifies most with Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec. 

When Matt isn’t at work, he’s running. When he isn’t eating dinner, he’s running. When he’s not asleep, he’s running. Anyone sense a common theme here? 


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