You create amazing experiences. Making sure that your events are captured well doesn’t happen by accident: it takes a lot of detailed planning and effort. Hiring local isn’t always worth the gamble; if you need something done right the first time, consistency is key. Let People See can be your guide to capturing great content for your events all throughout the year.

We work best with clients who need an on-going video partner. Single projects usually fall between $10K–$25K for production in the ATL, GVL, and CLT market areas and $20K–$40K when travel by flight is required. Many clients with consistent video needs spend more than $50K per year, allowing us to dedicate brainpower and bandwidth addressing your needs. Monthly retainers for clients begin around $5K per month.


Awesome Sauce for Every Package

  • Quality, professional video production
  • All gear included. No gear rentals on most projects.
  • Dedicated producer for every project
  • Staffed for availability. No juggling freelance schedules
  • Efficient editing workflows for fast turnarounds
  • Highly trained and skilled production crews
  • Secure storage of your video footage for life
  • Fun. We want you to enjoy the process :)

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer retainer services or monthly payment options?

    Short answer: Yes!

    Our most popular payment option for projects is 50% due within 30 days of signing an agreement and the remaining 50% due within 30 days of the first day of production. However, we can also create custom terms based upon the project scope and client needs such as monthly payments.

    We also offer retainer services where we can spread out costs for multiple projects across 6 or 12 month payment plans.

  • What payment methods does LPS accept?

    We accept payment in the form of cash, check, direct bank deposit, or credit card payments. For credit cards, we add an additional 3% to cover the 3% transaction fee.

  • Do you offer photography services?

    We partner with incredible corporate and event photographers who work with us regularly on projects to capture stunning photos. We would be happy to coordinate photography for you on your next project.

  • What if we just need one "video guy" for our project?

    We send a minimum of two crew on shoots. This is for safety reasons as well as to guarantee our level of quality. For more info about what you might be missing out on by hiring a single videographer, read our blog on crew sizes and gear.

  • What is the typical turnaround time for projects?

    We normally say 1-2 weeks, but we work within all kinds of deadlines. We often turnaround highlight reels overnight or next-day for events, even on-site if needed. Large projects or custom animation can take a few weeks or more.

  • Is the cost of music included in the edits?

    Yes, we have access to huge libraries of licensed production music to use for your projects, and we include the cost of music in our quotes.

  • Do you have a full list of your available gear?

    We sure do! See our gear list.

  • What is the length of a production day?

    A full production day is normally 8 hours with a 1-hour lunch break. For example, 8am–5pm with an hour break for lunch. Half-day shoots must be in the morning (ex. 8am-12pm) or in the afternoon/evening (ex. 1pm-5pm or 4pm-8pm). Additional hours can be added for $75/hr per crew member.

  • Do you have drones?

    Yes! Let your producer know if you would like drone footage, and we can do some initial research for you. Drone laws have become extra strict over the past few years, so we can give you detailed info once locations are nailed down.

  • If LPS shoots it, can you give us the footage to edit?

    Absolutely! We film for clients with in-house editors all the time. We can deliver raw footage on hard drives or online, although hard drives are normally the preferred method depending on your internet speeds. We do not deliver project files, unless we arrange to build your project for you in the quoting process.

  • Can LPS edit other people’s footage?

    Yes, we can edit and store all kinds of footage. Clients often use us as a home base for their edit needs because of our quick turnarounds and availability.