Photography goes hand-in-hand with a film production. Whether still-life, portraits, or behind-the-scenes, Sophie fills the need with incredible photos. When not behind the camera, she helps smooth the company's constant workflow—tackling administrative work, while also editing any open projects. Her passion resides in doing a great job, making sure everyone looks their best, and doing everything with a smile.

Sophie is another Greenville local, with a different "film story" than the rest. In elementary school, she went through a film photography class. That was her first exposure, no camera-pun intended, to working with cameras. She was given her first camera in high school, and started taking pictures for any school event. By her senior year, she decided to pursue photography as a profession. She went to Greenville Tech for photography, and continues taking pictures any time she can.

Sophie is classy and jazzy. She loves to sing, play piano, and be outside on an adventurous hike. Norah Jones, Etta James, and Olivia Buckles are her jam, with macaroni and cheese and pizza being the ideal meal..."as well as 'healthy stuff of course'". (She wanted us to add that part.) To top off her jazzy and classy personality, her favorite movies are The Great Gatsby (the 2013 version) and Shawshank Redemption.

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