Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. Stephen’s natural tendency to encourage and mentor others has made him a treasured leader to our team. Easy going with a genuine interest in others, he was a natural fit as a director. On set, Stephen helps our clients to feel at ease, forgetting they’re on camera, providing the perfect atmosphere for our DP’s to capture the best shot possible. 

From Greenville, SC, Stephen started making films by accident. He was part of a Christian ministry that needed someone to take the "filmmaker" role, so he stepped up to the plate. Stephen started tinkering and playing around with a camera, and after doing one video he became THE video guy. Since his beginning, Stephen has grown to be an incredible and well-rounded filmmaker.

Stephen divides his hobbies into two categories: those that require talent—like being an awesome guitar player and biker—and those that sound like they require talent—like professional movie-goer and chief Clemson football-watcher. Give him a Saturday, and he’ll take a Chipotle steak bowl with a side of The Dark Night or Star Wars.