A great Director makes the crew and client feel involved and on the same page, which paves the way for everyone on set to let their talents flourish. We’d consider Zack to be one of the best directors we know. Spend an afternoon with him, and we think you’ll agree. Oh, and his smile is infectious.

Zack was born in North Carolina and raised in Nicaragua and Mexico. As a teenager, he made his first film for a talent show and fell in love with the whole process. He started making videos with his friends, doing everything from directing and shooting, to editing and marketing. With a deep love for stories, he graduated from North Greenville University with a degree in English Literature, all the while taking cues from the Classics and applying them to directing professional short films.

On his days off, Zack loves going on climbing adventures with his wife, or heading off to write and direct a short film. His favorite food is anything with sweet potato, and he bases his filmmaking goals on movies like Interstellar, No Country for Old Men, Tree of Life, Nacho Libre, and Pan's Labyrinth. (We know, no big deal.) Zack's earbuds are usually playing Gershwin, Debussy or Beirut.