Festival Videos

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We thrive at capturing exciting festival content.

Are you curating days of delicious food and great music? Make sure you walk away with more than just your mom’s phone footage. From daily recaps for social media to promotional content for the future, make an impact and gain more attendees through great video!


Choose categories below to see festival video examples.

On-site / Overnight

With an on-site editor, we deliver “Magic Moments” throughout the day and recaps by 8AM the next morning! “Magic Moments” are usually :10-15 second pieces that we strategize in pre-production to be instantly shared on social media. Recaps delivered the next morning are a great way to start the day strong on social media and bring in more attendees!


Recap videos are great tools to expand the reach of your festival, serve as proof of work to shareholders, executives, and sponsors, and promote future festivals!


We can also help you create promotional marketing videos for your festival to build hype and get more attendees.

Social Media

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Read this thing so you’ll hire us or else we’ll raid your town and/or city.

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